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Dnd Sugar Cookies??

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That’s right! What says “I’m a huge domestic nerd” more than roleplay confectionaries.

Dungeon and Dragons Cookie

Critical Yummyness

I wanted to make cookies for my Saturday dnd group which is just starting up and is a combination of new and super veteran players (and a few of us in the middle too). For those who are curious, we running Scales or War… no spoilers! So I wanted to make a treat but of course I also needed it to be low in calories so I could munch unconcernedly as we played. The recipe is from

Their recipe is 101 calories a cookie if you make a dozen. A little high on the calorie count for me so to counter that I just made smaller cookies! Using an awesome biscuit cutter my fiance bought me, I made 4 dozen cookies out of the same recipe 🙂 My cookies were just smaller and thinner (which also meant each batch only cookies for about 4 minutes). Then I whipped out me awesome and new Wilson Ultimate Decorating Set and iced the suckers in icing sugar. I did put a tiny bit of meringue powder in just to make sure the icing would be stiff when it dried. When all was said and done, each cookie came to approximately 55 calories a cookie. I’d still like to get it a bit lower, but they were nummy cookies and just so cute!

Dungeon and Dragon Cookies

+1 cookies of Om Nom

Hope you enjoy the cookies. Remember, dnd isn’t always Cheetos and Mountain Dew 😉

~Crafty Nerd


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