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Blue Bird Picks

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So today I officially had my first ridiculous wedding freak out! Yay… And this freak out was over a flower. It shall forever be known as my ridiculous ranunculus freak out.

The Ranunculus (Stolen from google)

So let me start the story by saying I don’t even really care about the flowers at my wedding. We will only have bouquets and boutonniere, not flowers at the tables or for decoration. Originally I was just going to by random wild flowers! But my mom was really excited by the idea that she could grow my flowers and I appreciated the gift, so this year she has planned an experimental garden of flowers to see what will grow best. Lots of dollars later she and my dad  have a full garden and I have a myriad of flower options.

Of course, the only flower I wanted to defiantly try growing was the one we couldn’t find, the Ranunculus. I had seen the bulbs at a green house a few weeks earlier and loved them! After being unsuccessful at finding them at my parents green house, I went back to the previous one today. I asked all around for help, I had so many questions about planting and colors and the like, and I eventually had two employees helping me. It was great! But then I asked if they could help me find the bulbs I had seen a few weeks back since they had been moved. That’s when it went swiftly downhill.

“We don’t have bulbs anymore. The season is over and we got rid of all of them.”




And here’s the part I burst into tears. In front of two ladies. Over flowers I don’t even care about.

I win at being an adult….

Well, needless to say they were surprised. Both jumped into super helpful mood, suggesting I try again next year, giving me the name of the employee who orders their bulbs, telling me that I can asked the cut flower department how much Ranunculus is a stem. All very sweet and helpful suggestion. All of which I ignored.

I walked away saying tearful thank-yous and wandered around the green house, hoping against hope to find one pack of forgotten bulbs. No such luck, but I did find these!

From Green House (not stolen)

They were prefect! In my wedding colour with cute little birds. I immediately bought 3 packs 🙂 And that’s the story of my first (most likely of many) wedding freak out. I’ve now made myself the promise that each time I have a silly wedding freak out I get to buy something for the wedding. I’m sure this type positive reinforcement will increase the incidents, but what ever… I’m an adult.

~Crafty Nerd